Jun. 5th, 2009

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Well, since I've been trying out the new Dreamwidth website (my DM account is here for blogging and the like, I've taken the time to decide how I'm going to be using my journals, both LJ and DM. From this point forward, I've decided that all of my posts before this one, save a feedback post will be friends locked (obviously, this will not affect anyone on my friend's list). This is because I'm not very comfortable having personal aspects of my life out for all and sundry to see. My opinions on books and art are an entirely different matter.

I've decided that from here on out, most of what I post will be art related and literature related in the form of impressions of that which I've read and various other things. Personal posts (whatever they may be, considering that I've not been inclined to post really personal posts in latter years) and things pertaining to my never-ending story in my stupid world, that I don't want completely public, will be friends-locked. My goal is to try to post more to write about books I've read. I want to get back into the groove of being able to write like that seeing how I miss analyzing texts. Other things I would like to post here are art dumps, making this a sort of sketch/criticism blog. Hopefully, I'll be better about posting since I have a stated goal about it rather than a hotch-potch of various things that float into my mind.

All of my posts will be cross-posted to Livejournal.

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