Apr. 22nd, 2010

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This is quite a bit late, and I'm sure you've all figured out that I've already moved, but....

Well, I've finished moving...er, about two weeks ago, and I've been trying to settle in since, then. The move was pretty easy, it was just a long drive and then we had to get everything into the apartment. It wasn't until we started to set up the internet that the headaches began. It was just days of frustration, but it finally got fixed a week after we moved in. But I am here, in one piece and alive. Which is important.

I'm still jobless, so I'm busy looking for a job. I would consider doing commissions, but I'm not sure I have enough of an audience for it to be worth while. However, if you do want to pay me to draw for you, I'm open to it, especially since I have really nothing coming in at this point in terms of money. The job search has kept me from doing a lot of work on my projects.

But, I've still managed to find time for art and even some outlines (somehow). I haven't posted much on dA, but I have posted some things on twitter via the twitpic thing. So you can look there and see. I'm probably more likely to post little things through twitter that I don't want to post on dA because they're not really what I consider a "full piece". Or they're for some other big piece. Please do look on my twitter if you're interested. =)

Another thing (which is mostly for [personal profile] karenai), I'm doing the translation for the movie comic of Fade to Black. I've so far gotten up to page 32, although I skipped page 15 because I want to go back to it, since it's got a lot more text and usually by the time I get to translating, it's late and I'm tired. XD But I'm still trying to find time in between all the things I need to do to translate it. =)

But for now, I'm off to bed.

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