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Not from Livejournal (or Dreamwidth), but from SoCal.

At the end of January, we sold our house here and it’s near closing escrow, which means at the end of the month, we’ll be moving to Northern California. Unfortunately, we don’t have a house to move into yet despite making an offer on a house (we haven’t heard from the house we made an offer on). It doesn't help that the area we want to move to has a low inventory of houses. So if worse comes to worse we’ll be staying in an apartment with our belongings in storage for a while. Other things, however, will be that sometime between then and now I will have to look for another job and pack up my meager belongings. And sometime between the end of March and until I get new internet (hopefully in April), I will probably be internet-less. I'm pretty excited since it will be more like a home-coming for me, but also quite scared since I need a job. However, I'll still try to make some arts and one of these days post an art dump here. I also plan on going to Wonder-con, as well. If all goes well.

And so. This week is my last week at my current job and I've spent most of it training my replacement, which is a pretty interesting experience. It is kind of neat teaching what I do, rather than just doing what I do. But my last day is this Friday and I will kiss this place good-bye. It has served me well.

In other news, I don't normally keep track of celebrities (do the artists that I watch and keep track of/are friends with and are famous count as celebs?), but I do make an exception for Kubo Tite's twitter, because it's so darn adorable. Some of his more recent tweets (translation by me, thus any mistakes are my responsibility):

I didn't know Kubo liked Rie Fu. I do, too. Hmmm, I should look out for this song, methinks? I wonder if it's a new single....

Rie fuの“Stay with me”すげーいい曲なんだけど、Rie fu一人で歌ったバージョン出してくんないかなー。
(Although Rie Fu's "Stay with me" is an amazing song, I wonder if a version with only Rie Fu singing will come out?)

I thought this was rather cute.

それ以外は大体嬉しいですよ。でもまあ、手紙で言うと、キャラだけじゃなくBLEACH全体が好きでしょうがない!ってのが手紙からあふれてると、幸せな気分になります。@hyonhyoro 逆に嬉しいファンのことも教えて欲しいです
(Outside of that, I’m generally happy. Although, well, speaking of letters, when “Rather than the characters, I can’t help but like everything about Bleach!” feelings overflow from the letters, I become happy. @hyonhyoro On the other hand, I want you to tell us things about happy fans, as well.)

Suddenly, Kyouka Suigetsu suddenly got creepier….

(I’m happy but please sleep (laughs). Look, Kyouka Suigetsu, Kyouka Suigetsu. You’re getting sleepy, you’re getting sleeeeeeepy.)

I think Debbie will probably appreciate this one a lot. =D Although, I think that a lot of what he said has been said elsewhere?

ありがとう。あそこは特に詩を書いてるって意識はないんですよ。本編のイメージを拡げる言葉を選んで書いてる感じです。@jyuRi1046 私はいつもBLEACHのコミックの最初にあるような詩を目指して書いてるんですが、うまくいきません。久保さんはどうやって書いているんですか?
(Thanks. I don’t particularly write those consciously as poems. I feel like I’m writing with words chosen to spread the image of the main story arc [within the volume]. (TN: I think that’s what he means) @juRu1046 I aim to write poems like the ones that are always at the beginning of the Bleach comics, but I’m not very good. Kubo-san, how do you write them?)

Oh yeah, speaking of twitter, I have a twitter myself. It's "cnrowen" because someone else has my normal SN choice. Boo on them. D= Follow me, if you wish. =D I'll try to be better about maintaining it....
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